Over the last three months, the Dust Model_1 Alpha prototype bike has been tested up and down the West Coast across a wide range of surfaces by various riders of different heights, weights, and abilities. The winter season has also brought about an array of conditions, from high desert dust to mud and snow.

Tests have included:
- MX track at Perris Raceway
- Up horse power hill at Washougal moto park
- Indoor arenacross track in Salt Lake, UT.
- Across Bend, OR. including a couple backyard tracks, our local OHV play zone, and some single track in the snow
- MX training compounds with pro riders
- Southern Utah free ride zones

Carson Storch testing on some local bend trails 📸 Mighty Creatures Co.

We embarked on building Alpha_1 with the intention of validating our core hypothesis: that as a team, we could construct a category-leading mid-weight eMoto dirt bike. One that would perform at a high level for experienced riders while also providing a platform for entry-level riders to progress. After the last 3 months of testing, we can safely say this concept has been validated.

Throughout all of these experiences, there has been one common outcome - the rider always comes back with a smile on their face. 

Some riders first reactions:
"Best cornering bike I've ever ridden"
"Funnest bike ever"
"This feels like a real dirt bike"
"Doesn't feel like a toy"
"I've never ridden a full size bike, and I instantly felt comfortable"
"I want one"

Justing Hill playing around with new lines in Wyoming 📸 Dust

Initial rider feedback we have been working on:
- Power and tuning
- Favorable and familiar throttle response
- Seat material is not grippy enough
- Riders are occasionally bumping from the mode button on the handle bars
- Suspension settings and tuning
- Environmental settings (cold and hot)

To address the first thee issues:
- Power - controller tuning has unlocked a significant jump in power from the factory settings, achieving higher top end speed at 65MPH
- Throttle - there was a relatively slow roll into the throttle, so we have made tip in more aggressive
- Seat material - we are exploring different seat materials and designs that will allow for better rider stability and feedback

CEO, Colin Godby, tunning the throttle and power at the Bend HQ 📸 Dust

Beyond initial rider feedback and category observations the Alpha prototype also provides the basis for detailed design and stress analysis. In partnership with Fort Lewis College we are collecting real world data of the bike being ridden and turning that into simulation load data. With this collected data the Fort Lewis students will test the strength and endurance of the frame in the lab.

The next phase, Beta, will focus on reflecting and validating a production-intent design. Currently, we are progressing towards finalizing the battery pack design, integrating the powertrain, designing the suspension package, developing the user interface system, and finalizing production wheel/tire choices. Beta testing will be more extensive, involving getting bikes into riders' hands for a longer duration. This sets us up for a final prototype build, which will transition into a pilot production build later this year. We look forward to collaborating with the Founders50 and First100 group to make final decisions.

Gold Dust

  • It will be interesting to see how the gas and electric race format will play out. While Dust is not a race focused bike, we enjoy watching and attending races. Stark looks be be pushing back on FIM's decision to create a division of classes, so we will see how it shakes out. Check it out HERE
  • Formula 1 and MotoGP are now under a single umbrella. This is a big move to bring two of the largest motorsport platforms together under the same management. We will see over the next few years how it will effect partnerships, scheduling, and broadcasting availability. Check it out HERE

Who doesn't love some raw downhill footage? Check out Jess Blewitt ripping trails. 📸 Redbull Media

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Done and DUSTED for this month. See you all on the next lap. 

Mitchell Burke