We Are American Electric Moto


Dust is on a mission to create a new golden age for powered two-wheel recreation by bridging the powersports industry to emerging mobility tech.


To be the #1 American moto brand, globally.


Dust builds affordable performance electric vehicles that maximize the connection between riders, machine and environment. Dust believes with the right ingredients, more people can connect with the sport than ever before; enabling riders to break free from the shackles of the attention-economy, push their personal limits, build deeper connections to the people and world around them, and ultimately lead a life worth living.


Colin Godby

CEO. 20 years in new product development at big consumer tech brands including 10 years in electric vehicles. Track record of delivery at UBCO, Glowforge, Sphero, Disney, Skullcandy and MillenWorks.

Jarett Volkoff

Head of Design. 10 years crafting new products, brands & stories in housewares, outdoors, consumer electronics & EV. Track record of delivery at UBCO, Hydro Flask, Belkin and Specialized.

Neil Tierney

COO. 20 years building new companies and brands including a top 10 Nadsdaq listed global agency. Track record of delivery at PURE Electric, UBCO, ICF Next, Allbirds, ONZO and Audi.